The Magellanaire Levitation, featuring modular and aluminum design, is now available. The world's most popular self levitation for stage and platform, now in tempered aluminum and able to be disassembled for travel. 

For the discerning performer, traveling to corporate events without any additional shipping fees or freight charges. 

These are being produced on a custom basis, upon demand. Please allow 3 weeks for water jetting, welding and powder coating processes. Each process takes place is a separate facility, under intensely controlled conditions.

Water jetted precision and extensive quality control, with a powder coated finish to offer a durable, dead black finish. I've spared no expense in producing this effect using state of the art technology 5-axis water jet machinery.  The new self contained transport system takes full advantage of the amazing 9 pound weight! Tempered aluminum, designed with NO heat applied to potentially brittle joined areas. This is a masterpiece of design and engineering, fitting for travel within a regular briefcase or laptop bag. 

If you weren't a magician, you'd display it in your museum. $1495 USD plus shipping

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