Magellan Levitation

Videos of Magellan performances

"After I saw him do this, I went up to him, congratulated him on the BEST self-levitation there is. PERIOD. I even gave him a hug. I'm not a hugger, most of the time. But Jimmy's self-levitation is worth five hugs!"

Bill Palmer - Arguably, the world's foremost magic historian and academician


"The highlight of the whole World Magic Seminar was an impromptu, late-night performance, given by some guy I'd never heard of: Jimmy Fingers. He performed a close-up levitation, which he invented."  - Rick Lax, Las Vegas Weekly


"The reaction to this levitation was one of pure astonishment... I was amazed at how wide the angle for this levitation was... I was one of the few people who Jimmy shared the secret with.  Let me say that this is genius if I ever saw it."
Father Photius - Suspension and levitation expert


See Cris Johnson's blog for the ultimate detailed review of the Magellan Master Levitation...  It's the only illusion on his Best of 2010 list!!!

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